Food, Photos, and Fashion: Philly’s Big Rube

Big Rube is a true renaissance man. This successful entrepreneur has been making waves in Philly for quite some time now, as a photographer, gourmet chef, and more.

Since 2011, he’s been the Street Style columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and can be seen nearly every Saturday at the Rittenhouse Farmers Market selling the freshest produce from Rambling Roots Farm. LiveGoodFast got the chance to chat it up with Big Rube about his favorite Philly restaurants, the inspiration behind his T-Shirt line, and more.

LiveGoodFast: What is a typical day like for you?
Big Rube: I wake up and I’m checking emails to see who wants to work with me. I’ve got a lot going on with Rambling Roots Farm, doing headshots and ad campaigns with my photography, and being a guest chef at Butters.

LGF: What came first, cooking or photography?
BR: I’ve been cooking since I was a kid. In the 90s, I’d sell fried chicken, tuna macaroni salad, and ground turkey lasagna to hair salons and barber shops. This February marks six years as a photographer. When I pick up a new instrument to make my voice heard, I do something that’s not typical. I look for what’s missing and go in from that perspective. I don’t wait for opportunities, I make them.

LGF: Where are some of your favorite spot to snap candid shots of stylistas for “Street Gazing”?
BR: All over, but particularly Rittenhouse. The feel is more cosmopolitan there. I also like shooting in East Passyunk and Northern Liberties.

LGF: What was the inspiration behind your T-Shirt line, House of Lipheelè?
BR: I already sell my prints to hang on the wall but I wanted to make art accessible to everybody so now you can wear my art too.

LGF: Let’s flip it to food. What are some of your favorite restaurants in Philly?
: I love Zavino, Rouge, Parc, Slice Pizza…there are so many great spots in Philly.

LGF: Have any favorite recipes you’d like to share?
BR: I do Meatless Monday and love making a spring mix salad with golden beets, red onions, and goat cheese.

LGF: What are your hopes and dreams for the City of Philadelphia?
BR: I’d love for Philly to really get out of the blue-collar mentality. We’re far from it now. With all the new construction going on, we need to be more open to being a more cosmopolitan city. We’re not that far from New York.

For more on Big Rube, visit and be sure to follow him on Instagram @bigrubeharley.

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