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Good Eats: On-Point Paleo Restaurants

More than a diet, eating paleo and primal is a whole lifestyle. Making time to be outside and to play are just as important as what one eats, and when it’s time to eat we want to eat well, no matter what our diets are. Here are four picks where paleo and primal diners can find excellent restaurant meals, right here in Philly.





This beautiful B.Y.O.B. is run by husband-and-wife chefs, Andrew and Kristin Wood. Resolutely dedicated to local, sustainable sourcing, paleo and primal diners can trust that they aren’t getting fed a line about the sustainability of the meats on this menu. This is a kitchen dedicated to whole animal butchery, which means that occasionally you’ll see organ meats and other “off cuts.”

Steer clear of the pasta dishes, which are also great if you’re after a cheat meal, and focus instead on inventive salads and entrees like wild striped bass with summer squash, mussels, peppers, and cherry tomatoes; or local duck breast with roasted eggplant, cauliflower, baby leeks, and sour cherry sauce.

Find it at: 1521 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA


Oyster House

Paleo and primal-eating shellfish fans will love this raw bar, loaded with local clams and oysters, as long as they hold the cocktail sauce and go for lemon instead. Or, stick around for dinner and enjoy fisherman’s stew, grilled Maine lobster with herb butter, or a clam bake for two with mussels, lobster, kielbasa, and kale.

Find it at: 1516 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA




Kensington Quarters

A restaurant built around a butcher shop that buys only local pasture-raised, whole animals, you’d be hard pressed to find better quality meat in Philadelphia, either to cook at home or while enjoying a meal out. Chef Damon Menapace puts up plates, large and small, to make use of the whole animal. Tuck into Muscovy duck terrine, beef heart with celery root and cranberry, or a tick-cut pork chop with green cabbage, apple, and mustard.

Find it at: 1310 Frankfort Ave, Philadelphia, PA


Front Street Cafe

Contrary to popular belief, eating paleo and primal isn’t only about eating meat. Getting enough vegetables in a rainbow of colors is just as important, which means that the brand new Front Street Cafe, with its menu designed to cater to vegans, grain/gluten-free eaters, and paleo people alike is a safe bet. Separate prep areas for different menus mean that you and your sweetheart can each enjoy a coffee, juice, smoothie, or meal suited to your respective tastes.

Find it at: 1253 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA

Emily Teel

Emily Teel

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