The LGF Q+A: Glenn Bergman + Philabundance

Glenn Bergman is the Executive Director of Philabundance, Philadelphia’s largest food bank and hunger relief organization. But before that, he spent eleven years running Weavers Way, a community food co-op in Philadelphia’s Mount Airy neighborhood.

Now, his vision for hunger relief makes space for community-scale efforts, local agriculture, and sustainable food. When he’s not working to increase food access for all Philadelphians, he’s biking around town.


LiveGoodFast: What are your hopes for your work at Philabundance?

Glenn Bergman: I hope to improve the efficiencies of operations and to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables coming through the system. And, I hope to work collaboratively with all the other people who are doing this work in the city of Philadelphia, the region, and statewide.


LGF: What do you have coming through the Philabundance warehouse today?

GB: Lots of bananas, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of grapes soon coming from Chile. You never know when a farmer is going to call you wanting to drop off 35,000 pounds of cucumbers.


LGF: And how do you like to spend your days off?

GB: I love to bike around in Philadelphia. I love to go to Chinatown for dim sum. It’s one of my favorite things to do.


LGF: Where do you like to ride?

GB: I bike to work from Mount Airy. I usually ride down Kelly Drive and then through downtown. It’s a nice ride because every four or five blocks the neighborhoods change. Sometimes I stop at John’s Water Ice. Sometimes I get a slice of pizza at 9th and Christian. I also like Khmer Kitchen. Once in a while I’ll stop for a beer at Monk’s.


LGF: That’s quite a loop!

GB: My wife teases me that I’m the only person who could gain weight on a bike ride.


LGF: What would you tell a visitor to the city?

 GB: I would tell him that if he wants to go out and have an expensive meal, that’s fine; but he can also come [to Philly] and eat fantastic food for really cheap. Thirty dollars is plenty for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s incredible.


Emily Teel

Emily Teel

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