Live Music Intel: 4 Must-See Philly Bands

Theres nothing quite like the live music experience and Philly is chock full of incredible acts that know how to captivate a room. It was tough to narrow down, but here’s a roundup of 4 Philly bands you need to see live before they get too famous.

The Districts

Sounds like: Jack White, The Walkmen, Strand of Oaks
For fans of tried and true rock ‘n’ roll, look no further than Philly’s own, The Districts. The band formed while in high school and all of its members are still under 21 but their sound and stage presence rivals bands twice their age.

See The Districts’ show schedule here.

Next Philly Show: November 6th at The Electric Factory

Music Video: “Funeral Beds”

Vita and the Woolf

Sounds like: Florence and the Machine, Lorde, Hozier
It’s impossible not to get goose bumps from Vita and the Woolf. Lead vocalist Jennifer Pague has a voice that defies every physical law, creating music that is dark, earthy, raw, and authentic.

See Vita and the Woolf’s show schedule here.

Next Philly Show: September 17th at Johnny Brenda’s

Music Video: “Bury You”

City Rain

Sounds like: Capital Cities, The Neighbourhood, Imagine Dragons

If you love electro pop, City Rain is your new favorite band. Made up of Ben Runyan, Scott Cumpstone, and Ross Robey, their live shows are high energy and their music is catchy while still retaining depth.

See City Rain’s show schedule here.

Next Philly Show: TBD

Music Video: “The Optimist”

ill Fated Natives

Sounds Like: Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, The Weeknd

ill Fated Natives is a gritty, bluesy power trio that captures the essence of Philadelphia in their music. Having formed in 2013, the band has been seeing much success this year, performing the first ever Official Philly Showcase at SXSW to rave reviews.

See ill Fated Natives show schedule here.

Next Philly Show: July 24th at The Fire

Music Video: “That Don’t Mean”

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