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Off the Beaten Path Philadelphia Museums

Not to brag, but Philadelphia is full of world-class museums, and while the Barnes Collection, the Pennsylvania Museum of Art, and the Mutter Museum are at the top of every tourist’s “to visit” list, one could live in this town for years and not make it to all of the fantastic museums. Below are four Philadelphia museums not to miss.


Cynthia Hopkins: Memorabilia exhibit ends January 3, 2016

Cynthia Hopkins: Memorabilia exhibit ends January 3, 2016

The Fabric Workshop & Museum

Exhibiting and teaching visitors about art made from unconventional materials, this is one of Philly’s most exciting contemporary museums, and an especially good pick for lovers of the tactile, the material, and the everyday. Plus their robust artist-in-residence program means that visitors are likely to encounter art—in the form of installation, video, ceramic, or otherwise—in the process of being made.

Find it at: 1214 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA



The Gates of Hell at the Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum

A Beaux-Arts jewel box in the shadow of the newly constructed Barnes, the Rodin museum houses a collection of the great French artist’s works, both painting and sculpture. The museum’s manageable size makes it a great fit if you’re short on time, or experiencing art-fatigue. Sit in the museum’s gardens and gaze upon The Thinker. There, isn’t that better?

Find it at: 2151 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA


Soulful Stitching Exhibition at the African American Museum of Philadelphia

Soulful Stitching Exhibition at the African American Museum in Philadelphia

The African American Museum in Philadelphia

Founded in 1976, this is the first major museum devoted entirely to preserving and presenting the history of the African diaspora in the United States. Using a diverse array of art, artifacts, and historical exhibitions, the museum is tells the stories of African Americans from pre-colonial times to today.

Find it at: 701 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA


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The Egypt Gallery at Penn Museum

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Located on the Penn campus, this majestic building—the largest university museum in the U.S.—houses an incredible array of human history. Tour the world as you wind through the museum: a sphinx from Egypt, marble and bronze artifacts from ancient Greece and Rome, and an incredible collection of art from China and Japan.

Find it at: 3260 South St, Philadelphia, PA

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