Philly Fashion, Delivered: 10 Head-Turning Shades

Sunny summer days call for serious, style-honed shades, but sunglasses are truly a year-round accessory. Up your cool factor with these 10 sunglass styles for men + women worthy of all-year wear.


The pilot shape never goes out of fashion. It’s understated and cool—a true season-less shade style.

Ladies: Ray-Ban Large Original Aviator 62mm Sunglasses, $160 at Nordstrom.


Ray-Ban Large Original Aviator 62mm Sunglasses

Mens: Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses, $150 at Nordstrom.

Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses



The Wayfarer is a classic sunglass style that claimed its fame with Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Men, women, and kids can all pull off a pair of sunnies in this ultra-cool shape. Bonus: this particular pair is very customizable, leaving you in control of the color, pattern, and finish.

NoLibs Sun, $149 at Philly EyeWorks.


NoLibs Sun

Why Buy Prescription Sunglasses?

If you require vision correction, consider ditching the contact lenses and having your optician craft you some sweet prescription shades. Here are 2 good reasons how Rx sunnies can dial in your beach day.

Bye irritated eyes. Wearing contacts to the beach or pool can make for itchy, irritated eyes due to chlorine, sand, or even salt water. In fact, wearing contacts while swimming underwater can even be dangerous for your eyes.

Perfect Vision. Not only are clip-on sunglasses not as fashionable, but they are also an extra step to remember every day. By opting for prescription shades you’ll know you have what you need—and you’ll always be fully protected from UV when you toss them on.


Don’t be afraid of going round. This shape of shades works well on square, oval, round, and even heart-shaped faces. So, yes, they will look good on you, too!

Ladies: Tom Ford Juliet Sunglasses, $280 at Blink Optical.

Mens: Abbott in Jet Silver, starting at $145 at Warby Parker.

Tom Ford Juliet Sunglasses

Tom Ford Juliet Sunglasses


Abbott in Jet Silver

Abbott in Jet Silver


This retro sunglass style that rose to popularity in 1950s and 60s is still making waves today. The upper-brimmed glasses look polished with a throwback feel.

Ladies: Goldendaze Half-Frame Sunglasses, $59 at Urban Outfitters.

Mens: Tie-Dye Brow Sunglasses, $18 at Urban Outfitters.

Goldendaze Half-Frame Sunglasses

Goldendaze Half-Frame Sunglasses


Tie-Dye Brow Sunglasses


Get reflective with your eyewear. Mirrored lenses come in a variety of shapes, styles, and even tints. Try mirrored lenses on an aviator or wayfarer or even a round frame.

For the ladies: mirrored lenses on cat-eye sunglasses make for a feminine look that has a way of lifting and complementing the face.

Ladies: Kate Spade New York Dual-Rimmed Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $170 at Neiman Marcus.

Mens: Oakley Surf Collection Frog Skins, $130 at Oakley.

Kate Spade New York Dual-Rimmed Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Kate Spade New York Dual-Rimmed Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Oakley Surf Collection Frog Skins

Oakley Surf Collection Frog Skins


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