Specs Appeal 101: Your New Look for Fall

Ready to switch up your look? Try some new specs on for size and see in style. ​Here are five fashionable frames fit ​for fall —and well beyond.

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  1. Slender Frame

This subtle style provides vision without the bulk of big frames. They are light in weight, comfortable, and won’t block your good looks.


Mykita ‘Lucille’ Frames

  1. Black Box

It’s a classic eyewear silhouette that makes a statement. The shape and style looks great on guys & gals. Plus, it’s been a popular style for a while. Check out an old episode of Mad Men and you’ll notice black, boxy frames on more than a couple characters. Or, see how they look cool in this era and Google image search Justin Timberlake glasses.

Burberry ‘BE2139 E‘ Glasses

Burberry ‘BE2139 E‘ Glasses


  1. Marbled

Look like luxury in a marbled hue. It’s less bold than a full-on color and adds a creative and upscale flair to any look.

EyeBobs 'On Board' readers, available at Snyder Optical

EyeBobs ‘On Board’ readers, available at Snyder Optical

  1. Circles


A little quirky, cool, and often unexpected, circular specs work on every face shape. Skinny frames, thick, or somewhere between, all have been popular at one time and still are.

Feb 31st 'Livingstone' Glasses, available at Modern Eye

Feb 31st ‘Livingstone’ Glasses, available at Modern Eye


  1. Two Tones

Why settle on one hue when you can do two? Pick your pairings and then decide on a matte or shiny finish. Not sure? This Philly brand allows you to try on at home before committing. The winged shape, also know as the cat eye isn’t new to the scene. The retro spec adds a little whimsy to life and a look.

Philly EyeWorks ‘Love Park’

Philly EyeWorks ‘Love Park’

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