The LGF Q+A: CRUISR’s Jonathan Van Dine

CRUISR is one of Philadelphia’s most promising young bands. Made up of Andy Yates on vocals and guitar, Bruno Catrambone on guitar, Jonathan Van Dine on drums, and Kyle Cook on bass, their infectious, feel-good tunes have been amassing a passionate fan base across the country. They recently opened for Imagine Dragons and are now gearing up to perform the Billboard Hot 100 Fest in New York. We got the chance to chat with CRUISR’s Jonathan Van Dine about how to live good and fast in the City of Brotherly Love.

I would like to have water ice poured all over my body due to how insanely hot and humid it has been as of late.

LiveGoodFast: What is a typical day like for you?

Jonathan Van Dine: First we wake up in a hotel, usually after they’ve stopped serving the free breakfast. I think we have made it to free breakfast twice. Then we find coffee and drive to the next city. Once we arrive to the venue, we load in, soundcheck, and play the show! We like to meet fans after the show. We do that until the venue kicks everyone out. Then it’s time to load the van and head to another hotel and go to bed quite late. Repeat!

LGF: Who are some of your favorite local artists?

JVD: There’s so many amazing bands from Philly and it is impossible to list them all. The first that come to my mind are Suburban Living, Creepoid, Hop Along, mewithoutYou, Cold Fronts, Vacationer, and Hall and Oates.

LGF: What has been your favorite venue to perform so far?

JVD: I have two answers. The coolest venue I remember playing was The Tabernacle in Atlanta. It was an old theater with so much history and everything about it was great, including the crowd. But I think my favorite memory was playing The Tower Theater in Philly with The 1975. We had always dreamt of playing that venue and it was finally a reality. It was sold out and our families were all there. It meant the world to us.

LGF: What is your preferred mode of transportation in Philly?

JVD: We like to sign up for Segway tours to get around.

LGF: You can only have one of the following right now. Water Ice, Cheesesteak, or a Philly pretzel? Why?

JVD: I would like to have water ice poured all over my body due to how insanely hot and humid it has been as of late.

LGF: Where is your favorite place to hang out in Phillly?

JVD: I really love hanging out at Johnny Brenda’s and Pizza Brain / Little Baby’s.

LGF: If your band was a box of cereal, what would it be and why?

JVD: Frosted mini wheats. We are sweet, but still good for you and we like to shred.

For more info on CRUISR, be sure to visit They will be headlining the TLA on September 12th so be sure to come out and support!


Jennifer Logue

Jennifer Logue

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