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The LGF Q+A: Comedienne Rachel Fogletto

When I think of the Philly comedy scene, I think of Rachel Fogletto.

Aside from being unapologetically funny in her own right, she is a vital part of the city’s growing comedy community. Her monthly series, Comedy-Gasm, was my first introduction to Philly comedy and acquainted me with a number of local comics that I wouldn’t have come to know otherwise.

Live Good Fast got the chance to chat with Rachel about how she got her start, the state of the comedy scene, and life in the City of Brotherly Love.

LiveGoodFast: Tell us about how you first got involved with the Philly comedy scene.

Rachel: I always wanted to try it. I was doing poetry and some storytelling, and always seemed to make people laugh. About 3 years ago, I started going to open mics, and quickly saw how incredibly hard stand-up is. It’s hard, but the reward is incredible. I knew I had to commit.


Funny girl Rachel Fogletto

LGF: What is the comedy community like in Philadelphia? How does it compare to other comedy scenes in the country?

Rachel: I can’t really compare it to other scenes, honestly, because I’ve mostly lived here. The scene is extremely supportive, more than you’d think it would be (cause, this is Philly). It’s also unforgiving, but in a good way. It won’t let you do poorly, but rather forces you to work and constantly get better. Philly won’t lie to you if you’re not funny. I’ve found that starting here has made me stronger when I go other places. It’s like, “Oh, I got this.”

LGF: Where are your top 3 venues to see comedy in Philly?

Rachel: The truth is, there are so many phenomenal shows happening in smaller bars and venues that there aren’t a few specific places that are “the best.” I’d say check out sites like or to check out weekly listings of the best shows all over the city.

LGF: When you have friends visit Philly that aren’t from here, what surprises them most about the city?

Rachel: Nothing, I prepare my friends for everything. Also, there is no “best cheesesteak.” I always tell them that. If it’s in philly, it’s good. If it’s not, it’s not real. Order it however you want. I resist that too. Cheesesteak ordering etiquette. It’s not real. I’m a great friend, because I tell the truth.

LGF: What are your hopes and dreams for comedy in Philadelphia?

Rachel: Honestly, I’d love it if Philly became a place where comedians had more opportunities for comedy to be a career. At the moment we are very limited, but in the short time I’ve been doing it, the scene seems to have picked up momentum.

Rachel’s next show will be Comedy-Gasm on September 19th at the Irish Pol in Old City, located at 114 E. Market Street.

For all the latest info, visit or follow her on Twitter.

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